The following steps in the process of U.S. Route Numbering applications must be completed in order for new changes become official.
  1. The committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to approve or disapprove the request.
  2. The committee shall report all recommendations and decisions to the Council on Highways & Streets for its approval. This will take place at the CHS’s spring and annual meetings.
  3. In the case of interstate route requests, both FHWA and CHS must approve. (Refer to the FHWA  Highway System Links tab above.)
  4. These decisions will be presented to the AASHTO Board of Directors in the CHS report at the Board’s business meeting.

USRN Application Database with Meeting Minutes and Application Results

How to Use this Information:
  • Select the link→ USRN Application Database with Meeting Minutes and Application Results
  • Choose “Open” the MS Excel file
  • Select ENABLE file/document – you cannot use the document until you enable it.
  • Select the tab at the bottom of the MS Excel Workbook that says Application History
  • Search by selecting one of the columns or by selecting one of the year tabs
    • A” = Annual Meeting and “S” = Spring Meeting
  • Select the departmen​t State column – unselect all by choosing SELECT ALL and then select just your department and you will see all the years and meetings that you submitted an application
  • The information was development from all the files maintained in the AASHTO office. If you have any questions, please email